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    My passion for photography began several years ago, when I purchased my first 35 mm (film) camera. Technology has changed significantly over the years, but what hasn't changed is my love of capturing meaningful moments. The sun rising over the Grand Canyon, or setting over Grand Lake, the day a child is born, the adoring looks of a newly engaged couple, a special anniversary -- capturing these moments and recording the images brings me great joy.

    My goal is to make your photo shoot great fun and to provide you with images that you will cherish for many years. Any of the landscape images on my website, Facebook page, or Instagram can be custom-sized for your home or office. Contact me for prices and for information about upcoming art shows/sales.

    There is beauty all around us and in every individual. Capturing this beauty and reflecting the personality of each person I photograph is very rewarding. I provide on-location portrait shoots in and around the state of Oklahoma, and in my studio in Edmond. I look forward to working with you.

Celebrating Family

Last month, during their daughter’s high school senior photo session, I grabbed a few shots of younger brothers, along with mom and dad. After all, you can’t celebrate the senior without also celebrating those who love her and have supported her achievements. What a great family and one of my most enjoyable senior/family photo shoots. I will also post some (of just her) from her senior session.


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Congratulations Cody & Ashley!

This collage of photos was from a recent photo session with a special couple. While she was serving in Kuwait for a year, she contacted me to see if I could do some family and couples’ photos upon her return. What I didn’t know at the time was that they’ve been keeping a secret over more than a year now. So, being asked to do their “Reveal” session was extra special. A family photo session with his beautiful 3-year-old daughter is currently being scheduled. Thank you for your service to our country, U.S. Army Specialist, Ashley Wilburn! Congrats you two!


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Spring in Oklahoma!

Photography feeds my soul. It is my creative and therapeutic outlet, and what I love best in terms of reconnecting with myself and with our creator. With all of the rain, art shows and photo shoots, I haven’t had many opportunities lately to get out with my camera and just enjoy the moments. So, in between rain showers a couple of weeks ago, I grabbed a macro lens and walked out of my backdoor. This is what I saw. Any of these can be put on canvas, metal or photo paper and hung in your home or office. They also make unique gifts. All are signed. Do you have a favorite?

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Lucerne, Switzerland

One of my favorite, and most picturesque, places we visited last summer during our two-weeks abroad was Lucerne, Switzerland. It is located approximately 1.5 hours from the Zurich airport, and is known for its medieval architecture. Its beautiful covered Chapel Bridge was built in 1333, and links the city’s colorful pedestrian old town to the Reuss River’s right bank. I couldn’t get enough photographs of the covered bridge and the old town skyline. It was so relaxing to stroll and dine along the river in such a beautiful town. We were there for only two nights, so my images include the Chapel Bridge and old town before sunrise and after sunset.  Any of these images can be put on stretched canvas, photo paper or metal and purchased for your home or office. All images are signed and ready to hang. Contact me for prices.

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