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    My passion for photography began several years ago, when I purchased my first 35 mm (film) camera. Technology has changed significantly over the years, but what hasn't changed is my love of capturing meaningful moments. The sun rising over the Grand Canyon, or setting over Grand Lake, the day a child is born, the adoring looks of a newly engaged couple, a special anniversary -- capturing these moments and recording the images brings me great joy.

    My goal is to make your photo shoot great fun and to provide you with images that you will cherish for many years. Any of the landscape images on my website, Facebook page, or Instagram can be custom-sized for your home or office. Contact me for prices and for information about upcoming art shows/sales.

    There is beauty all around us and in every individual. Capturing this beauty and reflecting the personality of each person I photograph is very rewarding. I provide on-location portrait shoots in and around the state of Oklahoma, and in my studio in Edmond. I look forward to working with you.

Beautiful Iceland – Part I

In late May and early June of 2017, my husband and I took a adventurous trip to the beautiful country of Iceland. We had planned the trip for about a year, and knew we wanted to have an authentic experience and view of the country. So, after some research and help from a friend, we took a self-guided driving trip around the ring road, which runs around the island and connects most of the populated parts of the country. Our trip was clockwise around the road, starting in the capital city of Reyjavik. Along the way, we stayed in bed and breakfast hotels owned and managed by local farmers. In between our destinations, we took side trips and many roads less traveled, which offered breathtaking scenery and many beautiful surprises. We have been home for nearly a month now, and I’m still editing. So, I’ll be posting more images as I complete them. This collection is from the first 5-6 days of our journey, from the time we were outside of Reyjavik, proceeding west to the towns of Borgarnes, Snaefellsbaer, northwest to Hvammstangi, and then north to Akureyri, and a farm just outside of Husavik. There were many stops and towns in between, which I will identify later, based on each image that is printed. Any of these image and others on my website or Facebook photography page are available for sale and can be custom sized. Contact me for pricing or to place an order. Enjoy beautiful Iceland and watch for subsequent posts.

January 25, 2018 - 5:46 pm

Sheryl McLain - Congratulations! What a lovely church in a beautiful setting. And, I’m so flattered that you asked. Unfortunately, I live in the USA so won’t be in Iceland. We were there for two weeks for a photo trip and vacation around the ring road this past May/June. I wish you much happiness! You might try the travel company we worked with to see if they might have a suggestion for local photographers. #heyiceland was the name and they were very accommodating. I also just searched on Instagram and found a photo company based in Iceland that shoots weddings and couples in beautiful settings: They look good. So, if they can’t perhaps they’ll have a suggestion. Best wishes. I hope this helps.

January 24, 2018 - 12:14 pm

Alan hicks - Hello.

My fiancé and I are getting married July 9, 2018 at the black church of Buðir, in Iceland. The wedding is at 12pm. This will be a very small wedding with only 10 people.

We are looking for a photographer that can take photos before, during, and after the ceremony at the church. Also, we would also like to take photos after the wedding at the Gatklettur – Arch Rock and of the stunning coastline.

Please let us know of your availability and photography packages/cost.


Alan and Maria Jose

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Edmond North Senior

It’s been such a great and busy spring for us, that I realized I failed to post one of my most recent high school senior photo shoots. This one is extra special because I’m related to him. We did what I do with all of my seniors, and photographed at different places with changes of clothes. He has dreamed on flying since he was in the third grade, so one of our sessions was at the airport where he passed his FAA certification and check ride as a single engine pilot last year. Congrats on your graduation, Sean, as well as your accomplishments in the air.

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Prom 2017

This year’s prom season was extra special to me, because our youngest is a senior at Edmond North High School. Last weekend, he went to her prom for Deer Creek High School. This weekend, they went to his ENHS prom. Both weekends the weather was less than ideal. But, we made the best of it. Here are a few photos taken before each of these memorable events. So proud of both of these young people. I know I’m biased, but I think they are both stunning!



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Oregon Waterfalls

I had an opportunity recently to revisit one of the prettiest state parks I’ve ever seen — Silver Falls State Park, south of Silverton, Oregon. Here are some images I captured on the 10-falls trail. Any of these can be custom-sized and printed on canvas or print for your home or office. Contact me for prices. Enjoy!


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Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

This week, I had the opportunity to travel to Oregon to see these glorious tulips at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon. It has been on my list for nearly a year, when I first saw images from the farm on Instagram. It did not disappoint, and the staff there could not have been more welcoming. Here are a few of the 400+ images I’m still sorting through. Any of these can be custom-sized and placed on canvas or photo paper. Contact me for prices. Enjoy!


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