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Ice Ice Baby! Knik & Colony Glaciers

During my second photo trip to Alaska, in September 2020, we flew over the Knik and Colony glacier in a helicopter (doors off) and landed on Grasshopper Bluff. It was a cold and windy day and worth ever second! Many of these images (especially the close ups of the glacier ice) were taken from the helicopter. The red ground cover in the foreground is Grasshopper Bluff looking toward the Knik Glacier. The Colony Glacier lake was also photographed from the helicopter. In 2019, we actually landed at the lake in front of the Colony Glacier and spent several hours there. This year, the large ice chunks were no longer there, so I was glad I had that opportunity in 2019. Since I couldn’t decided on black and white or color, I included both in several of these shots. Any of these images can be converted into art for your home or office. Contact me if you are interested in ordering.

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